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Chairs of PEVoC14:

Prof. Allan Vurma
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Kristel Kalling, MD
East-Tallinn Central Hospital

PEVoC14 Tutorial Webinar videos

You can find the playlist with the recorded lectures down below. Please click on the arrow in the top left corner of the video to see the full playlist.

The password for the videos is the same one used to access the webinar on the 21st of August. A letter was sent out to all participants on the 20th of August containing the password. If you are unable to find the letter and cannot access the videos, please write to us:

Click on the authors' name to read a short introduction and on the abstract to learn more about the presentation.

Johan Sundberg "Singers’ and nonsingers’ voice source"

Jan Švec

"Interactive insights to the myoelastic-aerodynamic theory and acoustics of phonation"
Antoine Giovanni "Droplets dissemination and oral air flow velocity in Voice and Speech. New data and new numerical simulations. A joint experiment in Marseille."
Dirk Mürbe
Mario Fleischer
"Aerosol emission and risk management strategies: choir singing during the CoVID pandemic"
Ruth Epstein "Breaking barriers: meeting the challenge of Covid-19 in voice therapy"
Markus Hess "Male-to-female voice feminisation surgery" - watch the short video introduction here
Jurjaan Snelleman "Dysfunction of the cricopharyngeus muscle, a new diagnosis"
Boris Kleber "Neural correlates of musical improvisation in singers"
Filipa Lã "Real-time visual feedback of physiological events in singing: possible applications in the voice studio"
David Howard "There's more to a cappella choral singing than having the right temperament"

Virgilijus Uloza

"VoiceScreen - take care of your voice through the smartphone"